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We’ve just found another web site putting a Best VPN 2019 label on a VPN service. The new thing about this site is that they even mention “Best alternatives to Mullvad VPN”.

Affiliate Programs

When you visit one of all those sites giving you recommendations what VPN service to use, please take into consideration why the site recommends either this or that service.

Many VPN services offer so called Affiliate Programs meaning they give a kick-back to companies selling their services.

Money talks?

Could it be so that money talks when a site gives a recommendation? We expect that it’s technical and integrity aspects but we can’t be sure, can we?

News sites

Even serious(?) news sites use those Best VPN sites when they publish articles about what VPN service to use.


We strongly recommend Mullvad VPN. On their site they publish their privacy policy.

Reader Comments

  1. Greetings,
    I’m Roy. I wanted to ask do you accept sponsored articles or a link placement in the existing articles on your website? If you do, what are your rates?
    Kind regards,

    1. Dear Roy,

      The short answer: No.
      The long answer: Nope. Never. Ever.

      We pay for hosting etc out of our own pockets. To accept sponsored articles would be like sleeping with the devil.

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