Security News This Week: WannaCry Hero Marcus Hutchins Won’t Go to Jail for Old Hacking Crimes


Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg/Getty Images
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In May 2017, a young hacker who goes by the sobriquet MalwareTech singlehandedly saved the world from the devastating WannaCry ransomware outbreak. Three months later, police arrested MalwareTech—real name Marcus Hutchins—over his involvement in creating a piece of malware that helped cybercriminals steal from banks. Hutchens had pleaded guilty to the charges in April. But at a sentencing hearing Tuesday, Judge J.P. Stadtmueller made clear that Hutchins’s WannaCry heroics far outweighed the crimes of his youth, letting him off with a sentence of time served. In other words, Hutchins is free to return to his home in the UK. For a fuller account, and some invaluable insights from Stadtmueller, read Marcy Wheeler’s thread on Twitter.

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