Keyboard warriors to save Britain from Russian Cyber Threats

Cybersecurity Insiders

A special group of Britain’s military personnel dubbed as ‘Keyboard Warriors’ is reportedly being trained as tech-savvy soldiers to fight Russian Trolls and Twitter terrorists. And this news piece was shared by Lieutenant General Ivan Jones through a media update.

“The objective of establishing such a digital army is simple, to fight bad actors spreading fake news and to curb cyber-attacks on the UK’s digital infrastructure. Officially known as ‘Six Division’, members of the team will be recruited from special forces, Royal Air Force, Navy and Field Army” said Lieu. Jones in a recent interview to ‘Telegraph’.

And all these tech warriors will be professionally trained in Information Warfare, will have to pass all the standard physical and fitness tests like traditional soldiers and will also be trained in advanced weaponry along with covert surveillance added Mr. Jones.

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