Yet another crap article from ZDNet

A few days ago we realised that ZDNet published an article mentioning a VPN provider, StrongVPN, in terms like “more respectful”, “great”, “simple” and “does well with its protocol options”.

The problem is that for each sold account when the user is coming from from ZDNet the magazine gets a kickback. Do you need to be a rock scientist or brain surgeon to understand that words can’t be trustworthy if a kickback is involved?

ZDNet claims to “support you need to make the right IT decisions for you”. What a joke!

Now they’ve done it again. In an article about The 10 best smartphones you can buy right now every link to Amazon ends with ?tag=zdnet-deals-20 or an equivalent. Then Amazon can track who is coming from this article and in case they buy a new cell phone Amazon can pay the kickback.

Behaviour like this is crap!