Mullvad app 2019.8

The Mullvad app version 2019.8 for Windows, macOS, and Linux has been released offering you more control over bridge connections and WireGuard key management.

None of use here at use the bridge function per default, but if you do you’ve got a nice new feature in the 2019.8 release as you now in a very convenient way can choose both entry and exit node.

For Linux and macOS users, the WireGuard key management has been improved. The WireGuard performance over 4G networks has been improved.

Mullvad say a number of Windows users were suffering from DNS issues with the app. This issue has been resolved, and as a result, most Windows users should experience noticeably quicker connection times.

Other notables

  • Servers are now listed using natural sorting.
  • The list of countries and cities is now sorted alphabetically according to your app’s language setting.
  • Unavailable servers are now shown in the list rather than hidden from view.
  • (CLI users) The mullvad status command now returns only your current VPN status. If you also want your location, add –location to the command.
  • (macOS) Uninstallation is now much cleaner.

Read the full blog post about the 2019.8 release here.