How to Share Files Securely Online


Illustration: Elena Lacey

If you need to share documents and files with other people over the internet, you want to be able to do it quickly, securely, and with as little friction as possible. Thankfully, plenty of apps and services meet those three criteria.

Whether it’s tapping into the tools included with the cloud storage app you already use, or simply dragging files into an open browser window, you’ve got several options to weigh up.

All these services encrypt files in transit and when stored, stopping hackers and third parties from getting at them. However, only Firefox Send uses end-to-end encryption, which means not even Firefox can see the files. The others retain the right to access your data if compelled by law enforcement, or if it’s needed to manage the cloud services themselves. It’s also important to make sure the sharing links you generate are closely guarded, as these act as decryption keys giving access to your files.

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