iOS app release improves VPN connection (2020.2)


A new iOS version of the Mullvad VPN app should mean fewer disconnections.

What’s new in this version

To provide a more stable connection, the app now automatically enables the device’s on-demand VPN setting whenever a connection is made. Users should experience fewer sudden disconnections.

Other updates:

  • Format account number in groups of 4 digits separated by whitespace on login screen.
  • Fix “invalid account” error that was mistakenly reported as “network error” during log in.

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Launched: Mullvad VPN for iOS is here


The official Mullvad VPN app is now available for iOS users! Pull out your iPhone and get it in the App Store.

What to expect

The iOS version of the Mullvad VPN app exclusively uses the WireGuard VPN protocol. In the app, you can both regenerate and verify WireGuard keys.

Running out of time on your account? You can top it up using the in-app payment feature, but the option to add time via the Mullvad website is still available.

The Mullvad VPN app on iOS contains the same essential functions as its desktop counterpart: login with only your account number, secure your connection with the tap of a button, and easily change your location.

Got feedback for us? Send it our way! Knowing what you experience helps us more quickly identify issues and prioritize features for future releases.

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Auto-connect feature in new Android release (2020.4-beta1)


What’s new in this version

An Auto-connect option is now available under the Preferences menu. Enable this and the app will automatically connect to a server when it launches. If your Android device has the “Always-on VPN” feature, you can combine these two functionalities to automatically secure your connection from the moment you power on your phone.

You can now add an app shortcut tile to Android’s Quick Settings menu. A single tap on the tile will connect or disconnect you while tapping and holding opens the app.

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New law 1 April 2020 – Swedish Covert Surveillance of Data Act


New law in Sweden 1 April 2020

Covert Surveillance of Data Act (SFS 2020:62) (the act is short-term legislation and will enter into force on 1 April 2020)

Short Summary:

Since Mullvad VPN is not to be regarded as an electronic communications service with a reporting obligation according to LEK, Chapter 2, Section 1, Mullvad VPN cannot be subject to a duty to cooperate in connection with the enforcement of a decision authorising covert surveillance of data in accordance with the new Covert Surveillance of Data Act.

For users (of computers and other electronic devices), the new Covert Surveillance of Data Act grants law enforcement agencies the authority, upon a special permit (in each specific case) from a competent Swedish court, to secretly install software or hardware on suspect users’ devices or devices which the suspect in special cases have or will most likely contact. This implies that law enforcement agencies may access a suspect user’s information before it is encrypted by VPN-services such as Mullvad VPN.

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