Mozilla Announces the Demise of Two Firefox Extensions


Mozilla has announced that both Voice Fill and Firefox Voice Beta extensions would be retired, with the add-ons to be uninstalled automatically on February 19.

The decision comes after the company decided to retire the Mozilla Speech Proxy Server, Mozilla explains in an announcement today.

And because this server was the one powering the two extensions, Mozilla has no other option than to kill both of them as well.

We are decommissioning the Mozilla Speech Proxy Server on February 28, 2021. This server helped power the Voice Fill and Firefox Voice Beta extensions, and as a result of the server decommissioning, we will be retiring these extensions, Mozilla explains.

The Mozilla Speech Proxy Server is being decommissioned on February 28, 2021. The server helped power the Voice Fill and Firefox Voice Beta extensions, which enabled voice-based interactions with the browser, and the WebSpeech API, which allowed developers to add voice based interactions to their web content and services. These extensions are being retired as part of the server decommissioning.

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Telegram Founder: WhatsApp Caused the “Largest Digital Migration in History”


WhatsApp’s controversial privacy update has caused quite an en-masse migration to alternative services, including Telegram and Signal, as users were concerned their data could eventually land in the hands of Facebook and other third-party companies.

Telegram exceeded 500 million active users earlier this year, and now founder Pavel Durov says the number of accounts activated on the platform skyrocketed even more in the last few days.

The increase has accelerated so much we may be witnessing the largest digital migration in human history, Durov explains in a blog post this week, revealing that even political leaders have joined the platform.

Both the Presidents of Brazil and Turkey are now using Telegram, in addition to leaders of France, Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, and Mexico, all of which have been active on the platform for quite a while.

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Indian Government Wants WhatsApp to Give Up on Privacy Policy Update


WhatsApp has already pushed back the controversial privacy policy update it announced earlier this year for three months, but the Indian government was the whole thing to be dropped entirely.

According to a report, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, or MeitY, has reached out to WhatsApp’s CEO Will Cathcart directly, asking him to abandon the plans to introduce a new privacy policy for the messaging platform.

Any unilateral changes to the WhatsApp Terms of Service and Privacy would not be fair and acceptable, the letter read according to the linked source.

WhatsApp hasn’t yet responded, but up to this point, the company remains committed to the May 15 deadline for enforcing the new privacy update.

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