Below you will later on find a number of tools we use to keep a bit more of our integrity. But please remember – it is your behaviour and keeping software up to date that makes difference when it comes to keeping your privacy and integrity.

The Signal messaging app is probably the easiest way to start using encrypted communication. Available for Android and iOS. We recommend this app not because Edward Snowden says it’s good but because it is open source.

We recommend KeePassXC as your password manager. You shouldn’t reuse a password and a password manager makes it very convenient to handle all passwords you need. We recommend that you never store your passwords in your web browser! Instead, use KeePassXC and Firefox with the KeePassXC-Browser add-on. Why not put the password file on an USB stick to make it easy to bring you passwords from one computer to another? Why not put the password file in the cloud? Well, the cloud is nothing else than someone else’s computer…

Firefox is our primary browser choice based on the fact that the Tor Browser is build upon Firefox. Some recommend Chrome. We don’t as Chrome is a Google product.

Thunderbird mail client with the Enigmail add-on makes it very easy to start sending GnuPG encrypted e-mails.

Tor Browser offers onion routing in a very convenient way meaning the site you visit will have big difficulties finding out where from you are browsing.

Using proprietary operating systems like Windows or macOS is not an option for us. Linux, among other free and open source operating systems are what we recommend.