How to keep your mobile secure from Malware

Cybersecurity Insiders

A recent study carried out by Avast Threat Labs has discovered that 72% of Android devices operating across the world are prone to adware and this witnessed a drastic increase over last year as the infection percentage was recorded to be 34% than 13% the previous year.

Researchers from Avast have confirmed that mobile adware uses the CPU performance in a device in order to spam it with unwanted ads which not only drains the battery but also attracts all sorts of troubles like Ransomware, crypto mining and such.

It was found in the study made by Avast that the most common method used by hackers to infect a device with Adware was through a malicious app. Typically, the threat actors are seen disguising the apps in the form of gaming or entertainment apps which eventually land upon the device disrupting all its operational resources and turning them into zombies.

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