TikTok users beware: Hackers could swap your videos with their own

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Mobile app developers Tommy Mysk and Talal Haj Bakry just published a blog article entitled “TikTok vulnerability enables hackers to show users fake videos“.

As far as we can see, they’re right.

(We replicated their results with a slightly older Android version of TikTok from a few days ago, 15.5.44; their tests included the very latest builds on Android and iOS, numbered 15.7.4 and 15.5.6 respectively.)

We used a similar approach to Mysk and Haj Bakry to look at the network traffic produced by TikTok – we installed the tPacketCapture app on Android and then ran the TikTok app for a while to flip through a few popular videos.

The tPacketCapture app works rather like tcpdump on Unix/Linux computers, logging your network packets to a file called a .pcap (short for packet capture) that you can analyze later at your leisure.

We imported our .pcap file back into Wireshark on Linux, which automatically “dissects” the captured packets to give you a human-readable interpretation of their contents.

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