Linksys forces password reset for Smart Wi-Fi accounts after router DNS hack pointed users at COVID-19 malware

The Register

Router biz Linksys has reset all its customers’ Smart Wi-Fi account passwords after cybercrims accessed a bunch and redirected hapless users to COVID-19 themed malware.

The mass reset took place after all user accounts were locked on 2 April, following infosec firm Bitdefender revealing that malicious persons were pwning Linksys devices through cred-stuffing attacks.

Hackers with access to Linksys Smart Wi-Fi accounts were changing home routers’ DNS server settings. Compromised users’ attempts to reach domains ranging from Disney, pornography, and Amazon AWS were redirected to a webpage peddling a coronavirus-themed app “that displays a message purportedly from the World Health Organization, telling users to download and install an application that offers instructions and information about COVID-19.”

The app was hosted on Bitbucket, a Git-style collaboration tool. Instead of health advice it dispensed the Oski info-stealing malware, whcih helps itself to one’s login credentials for various services, including cryptocurrency wallets.

Linksys customers were told of the password reset by the firm earlier this week, along with cryptic and confusing references to “the COVID-19 malware”. Affected users must now change their passwords the next time they log into the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi app.

Jen Wei Warren, Linksys parent firm Belkin’s global PR veep, told The Register that the original illicit access to customer routers through their cloud-hosted Smart Wi-Fi accounts was a successful credential-stuffing attempt using login details harvested from previous breaches elsewhere.

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