What a Passwordless World Looks Like


The introduction today of passwordless authentication support in Nextcloud Hub is a big step forward for organizations that want to reduce or even eliminate the use of passwords. In addition to Windows Hello, Nextcloud Hub is the 2nd popular service (we are aware of) supporting passwordless logins. What does that look like, a password-less world with WebAuthn and Nitrokeys? Read on!

What’s wrong with passwords?

Let’s first, quickly, revisit the problem with passwords. XKCD’s take on password strength is probably overly familiar by now, but it still sums up what is wrong with many passwords. Passwords don’t scale with the large amount of accounts everybody possesses nowadays. Therefore passwords need to be “enhanced” by the usage of password managers and second factor authentication methods. But those can be complicated to use and therefore lack acceptance. How to do better?

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