At Mozilla VPN stands for Vague Product News: Foundation reveals security product will launch eventually, with temporary pricing, in unspecified places

The Register

The Mozilla Foundation has announced it will soon launch its VPN.

The organisation’s announcement is rather vague, as it says the product will debut “in the next few weeks” and protect up to five devices for $4.99 a month. But that price will be offered “for a limited time” without word of when it will change or what it will change to.

There’s also uncertainty around when the product where and when it will become available. Mozilla says We are working hard to make the official product, the Mozilla VPN, available in selected regions this year.

The definite info in the announcement is that the VPN will exit Beta phase in the next few weeks, move out of the Firefox Private Network brand, and become a stand-alone product, Mozilla VPN, to serve a larger audience.

We also know the VPN works on Windows 10, Android, iOS and Chromebooks, with MacOS and Linux support planned. Other certainties are that the VPN tech comes from Swedish outfit Mullvad and uses the WireGuard protocol.

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