Mozilla Thunderbird 78.5 Released with More OpenPGP Improvements


Mozilla Thunderbird 78.5 has been released today as a new maintenance update to the latest 78 series of the open-source and free email client used by numerous GNU/Linux distributions.

Mozilla Thunderbird 78.5 is all about improving the best feature of the 78 series, OpenPGP support, which is now built into the application and enabled by default to let users send encrypted emails.

In this version, OpenPGP gains a new option that let users disable the attaching of the public key to a signed email, improved support for inline PGP messages, as well as a fix for the message security dialog to no longer display unverified keys as unavailable.

Mozilla Thunderbird 78.5 also improves the MailExtensions feature by implementing a new “compose_attachments” context menu item to the Menus API, which was made available on displayed messages. Moreover, the browser.tabs.create function will now wait for the “mail-delayed-startup-finished” event.

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