Ransomware masterminds claim to have nabbed 53GB of data from Intel’s Habana Labs

The Register

The Pay2Key ransomware group on Sunday posted what appear to be details of internal files obtained from Habana Labs, an Israel-based chip startup acquired a year ago by Intel.

The hacking group, which has been linked to Iranians by security firm Check Point, published a screenshot of source code credited to Habana Labs via Twitter, alongside a link to a Tor Browser-accessible .onion address. The website contains file names associated with Habana Labs’ Gerrit code collaboration software, DomainController data, and documents that appear to have come from the AI chipmaker.

As this story was being written, the @pay2key account was suspended for violating Twitter’s rules.

The ReadMe file posted to the .onion website says Intel and Habana Labs have seventy-two hours to stop further leaks, which the unidentified author suggests may include Active Directory information and associated passwords, and the entirety of the company’s Gerrit server, said to consist of 53GB worth of data.

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