Why we don’t have servers everywhere


Whenever you or our other dear customers reach out asking if we could please, please, pleeeease, set up a server in your country, those pleas do not go unnoticed.

As with most choices in life, there are always upsides and downsides, and choosing where to put servers is no exception.

Since we’re a company built on the trust of our customers (we’re a VPN provider, in case you randomly stumbled upon this article), we need to trust everything along the VPN supply chain, including the hosting providers of our servers.

If we could wave a wand and have servers magically appear wherever they’re needed, we would! But in reality, we have to take many factors into consideration: network performance of the location in question, cost of the server, and if the provider has IPv6 or allows peer-to-peer networking are just a few. Many hosting providers don’t even want to deal with VPN providers for fear of network abuse or DMCA requests.

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