553,000,000 Reasons Not to Let Facebook Make Decisions About Your Privacy

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Another day, another horrific Facebook privacy scandal. We know what comes next: Facebook will argue that losing a lot of our data means bad third-party actors are the real problem that we should trust Facebook to make more decisions about our data to protect against them. If history is any indication, that’ll work. But if we finally wise up, we’ll respond to this latest crisis with serious action: passing America’s long-overdue federal privacy law (with a private right of action) and forcing interoperability on Facebook so that its user/hostages can escape its walled garden.

In January 2021, Motherboard reported on a bot that was selling records from a 500 million-plus person trove of Facebook  data, offering phone numbers and other personal information. Facebook said the data had been scraped by using a bug that was available as early as 2016, and which the company claimed to have patched in 2019. Last week, a dataset containing 553 million Facebook users’ data—including phone numbers, full names, locations, email addresses, and biographical information—was published for free online. (It appears this is the same dataset Motherboard reported on in January). More than half a billion current and former Facebook users are now at high risk of various kinds of fraud.

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