Security News This Week: Oh Look, LinkedIn Also Has a 500M User Data Leak


A week into the revelation that Facebook leaked the data of 500 million users—including phone numbers and other potentially sensitive info—and the company still hasn’t given a full account of what happened. But we’ve managed to figure out both that the root of the problem was Facebook’s “contact import” feature, and that Facebook had plenty of opportunities to fix that issue before it resulted in attackers scraping half a billion people’s data.

On Thursday, federal agents arrested a 28-year-old Texas man for allegedly plotting to blow up an Amazon data center in Virginia. According to court documents, he had made alarming posts on the forums at, which someone then reported to the FBI. While it’s a concerning incident, domestic terror experts say there are no signs that Big Tech is a more pronounced target than in years past despite the heightened rhetoric from the far-right around supposed censorship.

Encrypted messaging app Signal announced this week that it would begin integrating the relatively new cryptocurrency MobileCoin. While a payments feature helps Signal keep up with its more full-featured competitors, the move raised questions as to whether Signal was inviting regulator interest and overly complicating a product lauded for its simplicity and ease of use.

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