US sanctions cryptocurrency addresses linked to Russian cyberactivities

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The US government sanctioned this week twenty-eight cryptocurrency addresses allegedly associated with entities or individuals linked to Russian cyberattacks or election interference.

The US government introduced these sanctions in an executive order by President Biden that formally announced that the Russian SVR, and its hacking division, commonly referred to as APT29, The Dukes, or Cozy Bear, were behind the recent SolarWinds supply chain attack.

The US government also stated that the cyberattacks and election interference disinformation campaigns were conducted by Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) and Russia’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU), who were helped by six now-snactioned Russian companies.

A press release by the US Treasury Department states that a Pakistani company known as Second Eye Solution (SES) provided fraudulent identities to the Internet Research Agency (IRA) to help them evade US sanctions.

The US government previously sanctioned the Internet Research Agency (IRA) in 2018 for its spreading of disinformation and conspiracy theories to influence the 2016 US presidential elections.

As payment for these services, the US government states that SES was paid over $2.5 million in cryptocurrency between 2013 and 2021.

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