Cybersecurity Webinar: Understanding the 2020 MITRE ATT&CK Results

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The release of MITRE Engenuity’s Carbanak+Fin7 ATT&CK evaluations every year is a benchmark for the cybersecurity industry.

The organization’s tests measure how well security vendors can detect and respond to threats and offers an independent metric for customers and security leaders to understand how well vendors perform on a variety of tasks.

However, for the uninitiated, the results can be hard to decipher and contextualize properly. Unlike many benchmarks that compare participants in a competitive manner, MITRE’s framework evaluates companies exclusively on how they respond to the tests.

This means that customers must really know what they’re looking for. A new webinar (register here) aims to provide some clarity on what to look for and how to interpret the results.

Cynet’s new live webinar will dig a little deeper into the MITRE ATT&CK evaluation. The company’s research team will break down how the evaluations work, what the results mean, and how they should be interpreted (and not interpreted).

Most importantly, the webinar will show how to get real value out of the evaluation results as a tool for understanding a vendor’s strengths.

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