New stealthy Linux malware used to backdoor systems for years

Bleeping Computer

A recently discovered Linux malware with backdoor capabilities has flown under the radar for years, allowing attackers to harvest and exfiltrate sensitive information from compromised devices. 

The backdoor, dubbed RotaJakiro by researchers at Qihoo 360’s Network Security Research Lab (360 Netlab), remains undetected by VirusTotal’s anti-malware engines, although a sample was first uploaded in 2018.

RotaJakiro is designed to operate as stealthy as possible, encrypting its communication channels using ZLIB compression and AES, XOR, ROTATE encryption.

It also does its best to block malware analysts from dissecting it as resource information found within the sample spotted by 360 Netlab’s BotMon system is encrypted using the AES algorithm.

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