CISO Challenge: Check Your Cybersecurity Skills On This New Competition Site

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InfoSec leaders tend to be a specific type. Their jobs require them to think of possible threats, take actions that may not pay immediate results, plan for unknown security risks, and react quickly when emergencies arise, often before the morning’s first coffee.

The high-stakes position also means that CISOs need to keep their knowledge and skills sharp – you can never really know what’s around the corner.

So, what can security leaders do to make sure they’re prepared and hone their skills ahead of the next inevitable threat? Now, they can test themselves and their knowledge at a new website, The CISO Challenge. The website, launched by XDR provider Cynet, aims to let information security leaders test their cybersecurity mettle.

The website features a challenge for InfoSec leaders (and those who are looking to become one) to test their knowledge in an exciting, high-stakes, realistic series of scenarios.

The challenge consists of 25 scenarios based on real-time and complex situations that security leaders face in the course of their jobs. They also compete against other security leaders for a grand prize of $5,000.

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