Protect yourself from online tracking

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Online tracking is a widespread practice with questionnable ethics and legal backing. Learn how to limit your data from being collected unwillingly and disrupt the tracking industry!

Imagine an ordinary day online: in the morning you check your e-mail and scroll through your favourite sites to learn about the latest news. At lunch you decide to try the new restaurant in the neighboorhood. It’s so good you post a picture of your meal on Instagram and you tag the restaurant. In the evening you find yourself daydreaming and end up checking the prices of flights to go on that well deserved holiday.

The next day you will start seeing ads for similar restaurants to the one you tried, or other restaurants in your area, as well as deals for the top touristic attractions and hotels for your getaway. Why does this happen? Are your online activities monitored ? Well, yes, pretty much: this is the online advertising industry (AdTech) at work, using your personal data not only to target you with ads, but feeding a data-hungry ecosystem that seeks to track you wherever you click, go and speak.

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