Cloudstar – IT provider for real estate, finance, insurance worlds – downed by ransomware

Cloud-based IT provider Cloudstar has been hit by ransomware, taking down its systems. It said it is currently negotiating with the crooks that infected its computers.

On Friday, July 16, Cloudstar discovered it was the victim of a highly sophisticated ransomware attack, the Florida-based biz warned its customers over the weekend.

Due to the nature of this attack, at this time our systems are currently inaccessible, and although we are working around the clock, we do not have a definitive restoration timeline. Our Office 365 mail services, email encryption offering and some support services are still fully operational.

Cloudstar has retained third-party forensics experts Tetra Defense to assist us in our recovery efforts and also informed law enforcement. Negotiations with the threat actor are ongoing. We are working diligently to address this matter as quickly as possible and will keep our stakeholders informed.

Cloudstar is said to provide technology for hundreds of title companies and lenders. It offers remote virtual desktops, cloud-hosted software and storage, and IT security to businesses in the Americas working in real estate, finance, insurance, and petrochemicals.

This is an incredibly difficult time for Cloudstar but more importantly, for our customers, whose trust we value so highly, the outfit added on its website.

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