A Cold War is raging in cyberspace. Here’s how countries are preparing their defenses

Cyberattacks are something every country has to deal with, but countries in Central and Eastern Europe are particularly wary of the occasional attack on their critical infrastructures and governments.

Last year, we had over 4,300 incidents recorded, Rytis Rainys, the director of the National Cyber Security Center of Lithuania, a country with a population of less than three million, tells ZDNet. That comes down to over 100 each day. We are constantly dealing with this, and that makes having your national cyber defense in top-notch condition extremely important.

Most attacks in the region don’t make the headlines; others do. The attacks on Ukraine’s power grid in 2015 are still rooted in the collective memory of security professionals, while the global 2017 ransomware attack was first noticed in Ukraine.

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