FBI: OnePercent Group Ransomware targeted US orgs since Nov 2020

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has shared info about a threat actor known as OnePercent Group that has been actively targeting US organizations in ransomware attacks since at least November 2020.

The US federal law enforcement agency shared indicators of compromise, tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP), and mitigation measures in a flash alert published on Monday.

“The FBI has learned of a cyber-criminal group who self identifies as the ‘OnePercent Group’ and who have used Cobalt Strike to perpetuate ransomware attacks against US companies since November 2020,” the FBI said.

“OnePercent Group actors encrypt the data and exfiltrate it from the victims’ systems. The actors contact the victims via telephone and email, threatening to release the stolen data through The Onion Router (TOR) network and clearnet, unless a ransom is paid in virtual currency.”

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