Incentivizing Developers is the Key to Better Security Practices

The cyber threat landscape is becoming more complex by the day. Attackers are constantly scanning networks for vulnerable applications, programs, cloud instances, and the latest flavor of the month is APIs, widely considered an easy win thanks to their often lax security controls.

They are so persistent that new apps can sometimes be compromised and exploited within hours of deployment. The Verizon 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report makes it very clear that the threats leveled against businesses and organizations are more dangerous today than at any other point in history.

It’s becoming very clear that the only way to truly fortify the software being created is to ensure that it’s built on secure code. In other words, the best way to stop the threat actor invasion is to deny them a foothold into your applications in the first place. Once you start fighting that war, most of the advantages are skewed towards the attackers.

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