South Korean privacy watchdog apologises for violating privacy while mediating privacy lawsuit

South Korea’s privacy watchdog leaked personal information relating to participants in a case that sought to probe Facebook’s leak of personal information.

“Recently, while handling a Facebook collective dispute mediation case, an accident occurred in which the personal information in the dispute mediation was leaked to other applicants. We deeply apologize to the victims and the public for the fact that such a leak occurred,” wrote Yoon Jong-in of the Personal Information Protection Commission (PIPC) on Monday, as machine-translated from Korean.

The PIPC was arbitrating a case against Facebook for leaking personal data of 181 users when the watchdog sent out the information of the entire group to 19 people. In late October, the PIPC had ordered Facebook to pay ₩300,000 ($254) to each of the 181 petitioners for passing their personal information to over 10,000 third-party app developers without consent.

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