Biometric auth bypassed using fingerprint photo, printer, and glue

Researchers demonstrated that fingerprints could be cloned for biometric authentication for as little as $5 without using any sophisticated or uncommon tools.

Although fingerprint-based biometric authentication is generally considered superior to PINs and passwords in terms of security, the fact that imprints can be left in numerous public places makes it ripe for abuse.

It has been previously proven that there are ways to collect and use people’s fingerprints to fool even the most sophisticated sensors. However, these typically involve using niche tools such as DSLR cameras and high-fidelity 3D printers.

If only there was a cheap way to retrieve these imprints and convert them to usable fingerprints, it would severely and negatively impact the security of this particular authentication method.

According to the Kraken Security Labs team, there is a way to clone fingerprints using inexpensive materials, with no high-end tools involved in any step of the process.

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