Turbine maker Vestas Wind Systems admits to cyber incident, refuses to confirm if ransomware is at play

Vestas Wind Systems, one of the world’s largest makers of wind turbines, today confirmed company data has been compromised in a “cyber security incident” that forced the firm to isolate parts of its IT infrastructure.

The alarm bells rang on Saturday when Vestas admitted: To contain the issue, IT systems are shut down across multiple business units and locations.

It has pulled in external help to get on top of things.

In the latest update, Vestas – which designs, makes, installs and services wind turbines – said that according to preliminary findings, the incident “impacted all parts of Vestas’ internal IT infrastructure and that data has been compromised.”

Investigations continue, it added, but at this stage there is “no indication” that third-party operations, including customer and supply chain, were caught up.

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