Yes, ransomware is your number one security nightmare. But here’s how to sleep easy

It may have escaped your notice, but last month was Cybersecurity Awareness month, and this year’s theme is “Do Your Part. Be #CyberSmart”.

That might sound slightly simplistic, but it does remind us that everyone has a role to play in keeping what is arguably the biggest security nightmare at bay. And yes, we’re talking ransomware.

And, just as over the last year washing our hands became something we do for the common good, the first step to blocking ransomware is some basic cyber hygiene, as detailed by Thales’ chief product security officer, Robert Burns, here. This runs from acknowledging and preparing for the threat, hardening your systems, segmenting your network, and making sure all your data is encrypted – ultimately making the ransomware merchant’s own encryption, or exfiltration, plans pointless.

That’s a start, but if you’d like a deeper dive into the implications of ransomware, check out this whitepaper.

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