Tails 4.25 is out

New features

Backup utility

We added a utility to make a backup of the Persistent Storage to another Tails USB stick.

This utility automates the process described until now in our documentation on making a backup of your Persistent Storage, which used the command line.

Thanks a lot to David A. Wheeler for sending us the initial code!

It’s pretty basic and we still want to do something better in #7049, but we didn’t want to wait more because we know that backups are a big issue for our users.

External Hard Disk

We added a new entry called Tails (External Hard Disk) to the GRUB boot loader.

You can use it to start Tails from an external hard disk or one of the few USB sticks that used to return the following error when starting Tails:

Unable to find a medium containing a live file system

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