Report: Twitter’s Project Guardian protects high-profile accounts from trolling

Twitter is a social media platform that is utilized by several high-profile accounts including politicians, celebrities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and more. Naturally, these users are also more susceptible to coordinated attacks such as trolling, due to their wider reach. However, it appears that Twitter has a system in place that protects these accounts from such activities.

As reported by Bloomberg, “Project Guardian” is the name of an initiative that aids in dismantling coordinated attacks against high-profile accounts. It is essentially a secret list of thousands of personnel that could potentially be attacked by other users.

Being on this list fast-tracks any complaints that are filed. The list contains not only famous people like musicians, athletes, and politicians but also users who get embroiled in everyday Twitter drama. As such, whenever Twitter receives a complaint from an account from this list, it responds to it faster than any other complaint lined up.

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