Phishing attacks impersonate Pfizer in fake requests for quotation

Threat actors are conducting a highly targeted phishing campaign impersonating Pfizer to steal business and financial information from victims.

Pfizer is a well-known pharmaceutical company that enjoys extensive publicity for producing one of the few mRNA vaccines currently available against COVID-19.

Phishing actors aim to exploit brand names that are widely known, as their chances of success increase dramatically compared to impersonating a fictional entity.

In a new report by INKY, researchers explain that threat actors are impersonating Phizer in a phishing email campaign that started around August 15, 2021.

The actors behind this campaign are diligent in their phishing operations, combining “clean” PDF attachments with newly registered domains that appear as official Pfizer online spaces.

Then, they spawn email accounts from these domains for phishing email distribution to bypass email protection solutions.

The domains were registered through Namecheap, which accepts cryptocurrency as a payment method, allowing the actors to remain anonymous.

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