Western Digital warns customers to update their My Cloud devices

Western Digital is urging customers to update their WD My Cloud devices to the latest available firmware to keep receiving security updates on My Cloud OS firmware reaching the end of support.

On April 15, 2022, support for prior generations of My Cloud OS, including My Cloud OS 3, will end, the company said this week.

If your device isn’t compatible with My Cloud OS 5, you will lose remote access and will only be able to access it locally. Devices on these older firmware versions will not receive security fixes or technical support.

Western Digital advises customers to protect their data from attackers after the firmware is no longer supported by backing up their devices, disabling remote access, disconnecting it from the internet, and choosing a unique and strong password.

Those who have eligible devices can update them to My Cloud OS 5 (which will be supported at least until the end of 2026) before the end of support date.

If the device isn’t compatible with the My Cloud OS 5 firmware, they can consider upgrading to a device that is.

My Cloud OS 5 is a major and fundamental security release that provides an architectural revamp of our older My Cloud firmware and adds new defenses to thwart common classes of attacks, Western Digital says.

We will not provide any further security updates to the My Cloud OS3 firmware. We strongly encourage moving to the My Cloud OS5 firmware.

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