Diskless infrastructure in beta (System Transparency: stboot)

Diskless infrastructure using stboot (in beta) is now available on a pair of WireGuard servers in Sweden.

Today we are introducing our first VPN servers booted with our new bootloader – stboot. This marks the start of our long-running public-facing journey to make our VPN infrastructure transparent and user-auditable.

Diskless infrastructure for VPN servers

Today we announce an early beta release of a part of our System Transparency technology running on one VPN server in Gothenburg and one in Stockholm, Sweden. Both of these servers are listed in a “System Transparency [BETA]” city in our server list, viewable within our app as well as on our website.

You can find these servers by selecting: Switch Location → Sweden → System Transparency [BETA]

Make sure you are using the WireGuard protocol (applies to desktop app only).

This means that we now have two servers running entirely on RAM, without any disks in use.

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