Twitter’s top security staff out after incoming CEO shakes things up

Twitter’s head of security and CISO both ejected from the social media biz this month.

Infosec guru Mudge, aka Peiter Zatko, joined Twitter in 2020 in the aftermath of 130 high-profile accounts, including those of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden, being hijacked by miscreants. You may remember Mudge as an original member of The Cult of the Dead Cow and L0pht.

He’s now out of the micro-blogging site, as is CISO Rinki Sethi, who was also recruited in 2020 to fix up Twitter’s security. According to an internal memo seen by the New York Times, both are the latest victims of new CEO Parag Agrawal’s move to remake the business under his management after Jack Dorsey’s resignation.

Presumably both got golden parachutes, and they won’t have problems finding new employment. Mudge’s exploits are legendary, and Sethi is one of the most highly regarded security folk in Silicon Valley, with stints at eBay, IBM, and Palo Alto Networks. She confirmed the move on Friday.

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