KeePassXC 2.7 Password Manager Released with Major Changes, Here’s What’s New

The KeePassXC open-source and cross-platform password manager software has been updated today to version 2.7, a major release that adds numerous new features and a plethora of improvements.

Arriving nine months after the last update in the KeePassXC 2.6 series, the KeePassXC 2.7 release is here to implement support for the KDBX 4.1 file format for storing passwords, which brings various new features like the ability to assign tags to groups, optional password quality estimation, the ability to remember the previous parent group when moving an entry/group into a different group, and more.

Among some other major changes included in KeePassXC 2.7, there’s a port of the crypto backend to the Botan C++ cryptography library, a new security option to enable copy on double click, the ability to select any open database in the unlock dialog, a new “Delete entry without confirm” functionality, the ability to lock only the current database by default, as well as improved security and better handling of attachments.

In addition, the KeePassXC 2.7 release introduces a direct-write save option for cloud storage and GVFS, new tag functionality for passwords, a new group clone action, support for adding custom passphrase wordlist, support for hardware keys via wireless NFC, support for OpenSSH 8.2 FIDO/U2F keys, support for passphrase wordlists in numbered and PGP-signed formats, and the ability to specify database backup paths.

The command-line interface (CLI) received the ability to handle attachments, support for okon in offline HIBP checks, a new search command that replaces locate, database statistics output for the db-info command, a new -i/--include option to the generate command, a new -n/--notes option to the add and edit commands, keyfile option to the import command, as well as an option to clip-to-copy a password of the best match.

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