Apple iPhones are vulnerable to Email hacks

Cybersecurity Insiders

Apple iPhones are vulnerable to email hackers says a Cybersecurity startup from San Francisco named ZecOps. The firm confirmed that a few Apple iPhone customers were targeted by cyber-attacks via emails in summer last year where hackers were found triggering hacks leveraging unknown vulnerabilities.

A source from Apple Inc confirmed the susceptibility and assured that a security patch will be issued to the email vulnerability in the upcoming release of Apple’s iOS 13.

Releasing a statement to Motherboard, Zuk Avraham, the founder of ZecOps confirmed that the flaw can be exploited using the iPhone’s Default Mail app and said that hackers might use it against VIPs, executives across multiple industries and owners running Fortune 500 companies as all these tech geeks are fond of Apple devices.

What’s interesting in this whole attack saga is that the hackers tried to cover their attack tracks by deleting the emails which triggered the hack via Zero- Click definition.

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