Twitter prepares for US election with new security training, penetration tests


Image via Yucel Moran

Twitter said today it’s been working over the past months to bolster its internal security by requiring staff to go through additional security training, engaging in penetration tests, and by deploying hardware security keys to all employees.

The measures announced today are part of Twitter efforts to prevent a repeat of the July 2020 hack during the US presidential election later this fall.

In July this year, hackers phished Twitter staffers, gained access to its internal platform, and then tweeted a cryptocurrency scam via high-profile and verified accounts. Some of the defaced accounts belonged to political figures, including presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Twitter learned a hard lesson in July, but in a blog post today authored by Parag Agrawal, Twitter Chief Technical Officer, and Damien Kieran, Twitter Data Protection Officer, the company said it learned its lesson and has taken corrective actions.

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