Microsoft’s unreleased Windows Core Polaris OS leaks online

Bleeping Computer

A development build of Windows Core Polaris was leaked online yesterday, proving that Microsoft was actively developing the operating system designed for low-performance devices.

For those unaware, Microsoft has been secretly working on a modular version of the Windows platform codenamed “Windows Core OS.” With Windows Core OS, Microsoft planned to offer different flavors/SKUs of Windows for various form factors, such as phones, 2-in-1s, dual-screen PCs, and collaboration devices.

Using Windows Core OS, Microsoft initially created two flavors of Windows – Andromeda for mobile devices and Polaris for traditional laptops.

Polaris was built for low-end devices, and it was supposed to replace Windows 10 in S Mode to take Microsoft’s concept of a Store-restricted operating system one step further. Polaris is also thought to be Microsoft’s first attempt to remove all the legacy elements of Windows, such as the Control Panel.

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