Kaseya victim struggling with decryption after REvil goes dark

Many victims of the Kaseya ransomware attack are still in the process of recovering but one victim is facing a particularly difficult issue. 

Mike Hamilton, former CISO of Seattle and now CISO of ransomware remediation firm Critical Insight, told ZDNet that a customer, who asked not to be named, was one of the few Kaseya victims to pay a ransom to the REvil ransomware group.

Hamilton explained that the company paid the ransom and received the decryption keys from REvil but have found that they aren’t working. REvil typically offers a help desk function that aids victims with getting back their data. 

But REvil made news this week when all of their websites went dark, causing widespread speculation about why they potentially closed shop. 

Now that REvil has shuttered its operation, the company has been left with few options to address their issue, Hamilton said.

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