Clop Ransomware gang leaks NHS documents due to ransom rejection

Russian Ransomware spreading gang CLOP has released some sensitive medical documents onto the dark web as its victim failed to pay a ransom of $3 million. The leaked records include phone numbers, house addresses, medical history, names and insurance details of several patients from law firms and local councils who visited GP practices & NHS hospital Trust in the past two years.

Highly placed sources say that the victim is a Britain-based data storage firm named Stor-A-File who offers services to securely store patient data to healthcare based companies.

Cybersecurity Insiders has learnt that the files dumped onto the dark web include sensitive details about women who underwent an abortion at clinics run by the Marie Stopes and British Pregnancy Advisory Service.

Interestingly, Clop ransomware gang also got their hands on the scanned images of foetuses that could be used by some cyber crooks for extortion purposes later.

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