Riot Games to pay $100 million to settle gender discrimination lawsuit

Riot Games has settled a class-action lawsuit for $100 million. Filed in 2018 by two female employees and later certified as a class-action, the lawsuit accused the studio of discrimination, sexual harassment, and unequal pay.

Under the terms of the settlement, Riot Games will pay $80 million directly to women who have worked at the company from November 2014 through to the present, including full-time, part-time, and temporary employees. The remaining $20 million will go to attorneys’ fees.

In addition to the $100 million payout, Riot Games will enact workplace policy reforms. These include the creation of an application pipeline for current or former contractors to apply for permanent positions and more transparency regarding salaries for job applicants.

We want to acknowledge that the timing of this announcement isn’t ideal, a company-wide email sent Monday night seen by the Washington Post read. The final details of the agreement came together quickly, and we wanted you to hear about it from us directly rather than read about it in the news while on break.

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